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A day in Singapore

Day 295. Already 10 months since I left the embrace of my motherland. And yet I know almost nothing about this foreign land. So, I made a vow to get out more. This is the story of one such day.

My day started early, at 5:30am. My friend and I went to the local country club to go for a “run” to warm our bodies for the long day we had ahead of us. After a shower, we had breakfast at a restaurant which supposedly sold the best nasi lemak. After feasting, we had a short moment’s respite before our day actually started.

Next, we went to Marina South Pier to attend a charity event. On a boat. On an actual live steamboat with all the moss and kelp and rocking back and forth movement. We met with others from the same school as well as students from other schools such as SUTD. There, we had lunch (or makan) and listened to words of wisdom from the hosts and celebrity guests.

Pictures from makan

The lunch lasted till 3 and after that me and my friend continued on our journey.
Our next stop was Esplanade where we went to Peninsula Plaza or nicknamed by the local community, ” Myanmar”. As I walked around, I felt as if I was really back home. Toys and knickknacks and delicacies filled the shelves of the various multicolored stores. I wanted to buy everything my hand could reach but sadly I just didn’t have enough money or hands to carry them all.

A few hours later and a 100 dollars later, we walked to Glutton bay, an outdoor eatery with stalls from many different countries, to have dinner. After trying different cuisines, we pat our stomachs and started our way back home.

All in all, I arrived home at around 10 : 45, just before the curfew. Phew! A day well spent.